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Whether you're an avid collector looking for a special piece to round out your collection or you're seeing these Native American artifacts for the first time, we will have something that catches your eye that won't be a burden to your wallet.

If you're interested in all things Native American or are just looking for that extra special gift for your special someone, Xenia Coin Shop in Xenia, OH, has a fantastic selection of authentic artifacts and other unique gifts.

Give the gift of vintage Native American artifacts

Unique Native American artifacts at great prices.



The go-to place for both the avid and the new collector

  • Arrowheads

  • Spear heads

  • Axes

  • Gorgets

  • Grinders

  • Hammer stones

  • Quivers

Come in and check out our unique authentic artifacts

Xenia Coin Shop is proud to offer collectors a friendly atmosphere for locating and acquiring guaranteed authentic artifacts. We will evaluate whether it's real and complete, and will give you an honest offer. Stop by today or call 937-376-2807 and discuss with our knowledgeable collector, Jim Huffman, on how to start up a collection.

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