Location / Phone / Hours:
30 W 2nd St, Xenia, OH, 45385
Phone: (937) 376-2807
Tuesday-Friday 11:00 AM-5:00 PM,
Saturday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM,
Closed Sunday & Monday.

Resource for Sellers

Best Place to Sell

Xenia Coin Shop is Southwest Ohio’s best choice for selling your coins, gold, silver, and jewelry. Because we are a volume buyer, we are able to offer much better pricing than you will typically find at smaller coin and precious metal dealers. We know your time is precious too. You can bring your valuables around to other potential buyers searching for the best deal, but after selling to us, you’ll discover you didn’t have to.

Selling to Us

Xenia Coin Shop has been buying coins, currency, gold, silver, jewelry and a host of other collectibles for over 40 years. In that time, we have developed a reputation with our customers based on trust, industry knowledge and the highest level of service to our clientele. We continue to make our customer’s confidence in our professionalism and our commitment to exceptional customer service more than simply a goal. It is our unwavering pledge to our local community.

Who do we buy from

At Xenia Coin Shop, our customers range from seasoned collectors to people who know absolutely nothing about coins. Lots of our customers may have recently inherited a loved one’s jar of coins, may have rediscovered their own childhood collection or simply want to turn some unwanted jewelry into cash. Regardless of your knowledge and comfort level, we welcome all! We are passionate about coins and collectibles and are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers. Our ultimate goal is to make you comfortable with the selling process – novice or expert.

What we buy

We buy a wide range of coins, of course. If a coin is collectible or has precious metal value like gold or silver, we are certainly interested in buying it – bullion coins, US silver coins, Buffalo nickels, Indian Head cents, graded coins, foreign coins, etc. We also buy paper currency, unwanted or damaged gold and silver jewelry, Native American artifacts, baseball cards and just about anything collectible.
When to sell
The value of precious metal coins, collectible coins or other collectible items is always subject to market supply and demand. At Xenia Coins Shop, we are constantly assessing these markets, are knowledgeable about their current conditions and how they affect a coin or collectible’s value. We will happily explain these current market conditions with potential sellers. However, while we can make educated guesses about the future of these markets and how they may affect values, they are just that – guesses. Like any other business, we don’t own a crystal ball. Therefore, we firmly believe a seller knows best what is best for the seller, including when to sell.

How to sell to us

If you would like to sell to us, or even just considering it, you can simply stop by our store with your item(s) and we’ll be happy to assess or help identify them. For larger collections, we encourage contacting us in advance so that we may set up an appointment. We recommend appointments for larger collections so that we can take the necessary time to properly appraise its value. Once we’ve evaluated your item(s), we will present you an offer on the spot. You are under no obligation to sell anything to us if you are not entirely sure you want to do so. While we strive to make your decision to sell a coin, collectible or piece of jewelry a comfortable and informed one, we also know it may not be an easy decision. Rest assured, you will never be pressured to sell to us.

Why you should sell to us

Xenia Coin Shop is a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and steadfastly adheres to its Dealer Code of Ethics. As such, you can be confident that you will be selling to a business committed to its reputation for fairness and professionalism. While there are certainly other types of businesses that would be happy to purchase your gold or silver, for instance, they may not be under any such obligation and may seek to take advantage of its customers. We do not. We cannot. We are committed to and obligated by our code of ethics and protecting both our own long-established professional reputation and the trust of our customers.

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Products that We Purchase

Used, Unwanted or Broken Gold Jewelry / Scrap
Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum Bullion
U.S. Gold Coins
U.S. Silver Dollars
90% Silver Dimes, Quarters, & Half Dollars
Sterling Jewelry / Flatware
U.S. Cents & Nickels
U.S. Mint and Proof Sets