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About Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint, stands as a testament to Canada’s excellence in minting. Since its debut in 1988, the coin has garnered global acclaim, becoming a staple for both collectors and investors.

About Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is a flagship product of the Royal Canadian Mint, celebrated for its unmatched purity and intricate design.

Key Aspects of the Silver Maple Leaf:
  • Purity: Boasting a purity level of .9999, the Silver Maple Leaf stands as one of the purest silver coins on the market today.
  • Iconic Design: The coin’s face prominently features the emblematic maple leaf, a national symbol of Canada, in intricate detail. The reverse side showcases Queen Elizabeth II, a testament to Canada’s rich history and ties to the British monarchy.
  • Security: In recent years, the Royal Canadian Mint has integrated state-of-the-art security measures into the coin, including radial lines and a micro-engraved laser mark.
  • Legal Tender: Beyond its value to collectors and investors, the Silver Maple Leaf is recognized as legal tender in Canada, holding a face value of 5 Canadian dollars.
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