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We are able to offer a variety of bookable services to our customers.  To book a scheduled date & time for us to connect – please use the Appointment Form below. We look forward to meeting with you. 

Types of Appraisals

Wholesale Appraisal – This is a valuation of a collection for the purpose of liquidation. Estates and courts may require this type of appraisal.

Retail Appraisal – This is a valuation of what it would cost to replace a collection. Insurance companies may require this type of appraisal in order to insure a collection against theft or loss. Sometimes these appraisals are needed for tax purposes such as collections donated to charities or other 501(c) 3 organizations.

Verbal Appraisal – If you’re curious as to what your collection may be worth, we can provide a less formal verbal appraisal of a collection’s value. We do our best to provide these types of appraisals at no cost to our customers. However, if your collection is extensive or perhaps not very organized, we may require an appraisal fee of $125.00 per hour.