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U.S. Gold Coins

Gold Coins

Over the past 40+ years, Xenia Coin Shop has developed deep knowledge and expertise of this popular segment of the collector market. If you are interested in selling your U.S. gold coins, we would welcome an opportunity to take a look and provide you an offer based not only on the value of the gold itself, but on the additional collector value often associated with this category of coins.

Beginning in the late-1700s, United States issued 90% gold coins for circulation until gold coin and bullion ownership was declared illegal by President Franklin D. Roosevelt through executive order in 1933. These gold coins were primarily based on the “eagle” which represents 10 dollars. Denominations of the eagle coin include:

  • Quarter eagle ($2.50)
  • Half eagle ($5)
  • Eagle ($10)
  • Double eagle ($20)

In addition, the U.S. also issued $1 and $3 gold coins in the latter half of the 1800s.

Collectively, these U.S. gold coins are often referred to as “Pre-1933” gold to investors and collectors. In most instances, the value of these gold coins exceeds their gold value due to their popularity and scarcity in the market, sometimes by a significant amount. Professionally graded U.S. gold coins from PCGS or NGC are generally more valuable than ungraded coins in this category.

Grading Gold Coins

Low Premium (LP): A cull. A coin that is either damaged or excessively worn. Not nice enough to make the grade of VF.

Very Fine (VF): A fairly well worn coin. Most detail is visible, but getting weak. Although clearly circulated, the coin should still be relatively free of damage.

Extra Fine (XF): A coin with obvious signs of circulation. Most the detail is clearly visible. Some luster may remain. There are no serious scratches or dings.

Almost Uncirculated (AU): A coin with mint luster, no significant scratches or rim dings, and only the slightest signs of circulation. Some breaks in the mint luster will be evident in the open fields of the coin.

Gold Ask: $2330.97 as of June 24, 2024
$20 St. Gaudens$1,760$1,770$1,800$1,820
$20 Liberty$1,760$1,780$1,800$1,820
$10 Indian$1,030$1,040$1,080$1,100
$10 Liberty$890$895$940$950
$5 Indian$490$495$555$565
$5 Liberty$445$450$455$475
$ 2.50 Indian$275$290$310$330
$2.50 Liberty$300$310$370$385

Related to the above chart, Prices are subject to Change without notice as they reflect current market conditions and we reserve the right to limit quantities.

PCGS/NGC Certified U.S. Gold:

We are aggressive buyers and market makers for PCGS and NGC certified gold coins. The following chart reflects the prices we can pay for common date, spot free coins of each series indicated. Please contact us for our buy prices on better date coins.

Gold Ask: $2330.97 as of June 24, 2024
$20 St. Gaudens$1,800$1,815$1,865$1,905$2,.065
$20 Liberty$1,810$1,845$1,865$2,040$3,290
$10 Indian$1,100$1,110$1,325$1,455$2,660
$10 Liberty$960$1,205$1,315$1,790$2,650
$5 Indian$605$630$855$1,515$$$$$$
$5 Liberty$475$555$675$805$1,575
$ 2.50 Indian$335$360$410$535$1,365
$2.50 Liberty$430$440$510$540$750

Related to the above chart, Prices are subject to Change without notice as they reflect current market conditions and we reserve the right to limit quantities.

Circulated U.S. Gold Coins:

The US Mint struck its first gold coins in 1795. The mint continued to strike coins for circulation until 1933.

Liberty Head $20 Double Eagle, $10 Eagle, $5 Half Eagle, $2.50 Quarter Eagle:
(Years of issue: 1838-1907)

The Liberty Head design was first introduced in 1838 with the $10 eagle, but the same obverse design was included with the other eagle coin denominations soon afterward. Since this series of gold eagle coins spans several decades, there are many better dates that have significant collector value beyond their gold value.

Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle
(Years of issue: 1907-1933)

Considered the most beautiful U.S. coin ever produced, this coin was designed by famous sculptor and engraver Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It is a popular coin with collectors due to its beauty and common availability in the market. It is also a popular coin with precious metal investors since it contains nearly one full troy ounce of gold (.9675 ozt).

Indian Head $10 Eagle:
(Years of issue: 1907-1933)

Like the Saint-Gaudens double eagle, this is a popular coin with collectors due to its common availability in the market. Generally, most dates are common and therefore significant additional collector value comes with higher mint state professionally graded examples. These coins contain nearly one-half ounce of gold (.48375 ozt).

Indian Head $5 Half Eagle and $2.50 Quarter Eagle:
(Years of issue: 1908-1929)

Both the Indian Head $5 half eagle and $2½ quarter eagle are notable as they are the only incuse design coin minted in the United States. These incuse coins have their design and inscriptions stamped into the coin leaving the higher points of the coin as the field (background). This unique design was not popular with Americans when it was first issued because they falsely believed the coin would carry germs. Today, however, these coins are very popular with collectors. The $5 coin contains nearly one quarter of an ounce of gold (.24187 ozt) with the $2½ coin containing half that (.12094 ozt).

Liberty Head Gold Dollars:
(Years of issue: 1849-1854)

Indian Princess Head Gold Dollars:
(Years of issue: 1854-1889)

The U.S. authorized production of a gold dollar coin in 1849 due to the increased gold supply resulting from the California gold rush. Although popular in the early years of use, circulation dropped considerably in the years leading to the Civil War and virtually disappeared from circulation in most of the U.S. until 1879. By then, popularity the gold dollar still remained low and the series ended ten years later. The rarity of these gold dollar coins today means they can be quite valuable to collectors, especially in better grades.

*Prices are subject to change without notice as they reflect current market conditions.

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